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Believe in your vibes and chase your dreams

Jyoti Kumari June 19, 2018 0 Comments Uncategorized

We all believe in our instincts! Don’t we? Instincts drive us. It is our instinct which motivates us to pursue a well-defined career. The moment we interpret what our intuition wants us to focus on, we direct our attention right at that point. Say, e.g., our vision in our life. Life is a complete mess without a vision. Our vision and hard-working attitude define our experience in a structured format.

Even Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir had vouched how our pre-determined vision helps us to define our goals in life. When you possess a defined vision with a well-structured blueprint, all the forces of nature unite to lay a blissful path for your triumph. What matters is our willpower. This will power nothing but our inner vibes. Are these vibes a God’s gift to us? Well, they are not!

Then what are these vibes?

Vibes are nothing but our instincts which play a supporting role of a robust motivator. It keeps driving us on our journey to reach the final destination. When you have a vision for yourself, the necessity is that you need a guide to lead you towards your defined path of success. Many of us do have ideas as our guide. However, no external guide can motivate us the way our inner vibes does. The vibes within us are synchronised with a unique tune for success. This tune is intertwined with our positive aura to succeed and nurtured with the love and blessings of all the universal forces. The synchronisation of all these factors plays a beautiful melody that pitches high enough to reach our brain via the heart.

Yes! Vibes plays a melody which strikes your brain’s memory by passing through your heart. It is a fact that when something hits or bypasses our heart, our memory cells automatically triggers to record, store and recall it whenever necessary. Similar is the case with our inner vibes. When our internal vibes with a tender dream coated with a robust vision bypass our heart, it keeps recalling in mind that it is vital for us to pursue.

These vibes help us to be focused and determined towards a final goal of our life. It is rightly said that we find ample of time for the things we love and adore. Similarly, if you see your love in your vision, you will find ample of time for it. Pursuing any dream requires sheer courage, long hours of dedicated efforts, faith in yourself and your imagination and a determination to rise after each failure. Remember one thing, whatever you choose as your career path; you have to come across failures. Failures are not meant to destroy you or ask you to change your way, but we all experience failure as a part of our learning process. After all Rome was never built in a single day by a single worker.

Failures embrace us to explore our hidden talents and collate all the universal forces to fall right in place to work for us. Our determination level to chase our dream career should be strong enough to face and rule out all the hustles that block our path of success. But all the external forces work in our favor only when we are internally strong and determined towards success. The ultimate key to chasing your dream is hard work and a courageous heart to stand still in every circumstance of failure. No matter how big the failure is, rise much more significant than your biggest failure.

What is Emotional Quotient?

For defining our success goals, psychologists have a different perspective.

According to the psychologists, our determination level to meet our goal is influenced by our Emotional Quotient. Emotional Quotient refers to Emotional Intelligence. It defines the ability of a person to identify and work on his emotions. We, humans, have a natural tendency to be soft-centric towards our emotional attachments. It is this emotional quotient which guides us to pull ourselves out of these emotional bonding and focus on more important things in life. Various psychological studies have highlighted the higher performance level of the individuals with a high level of Emotional Quotient.

A person who rises much above his emotional attachments and is determined towards clinching in his vision is the one who succeeds.

So, believe in your vibes and chase your dreams because dreams do come true!

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