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10 Ways To Deal With Stress At Work And Stop Worrying


May 27, 2020, 11:22 p.m.

Stress At Work

Whatever your job demands, there are some ways you can follow to protect yourself from the harming effects of stress and improve your work satisfaction.

When workplace stress is too much?

Stress is not always harmful sometimes a little bit of stress can give you a helping hand to stay focused, charged, energetic, and also help you to achieve new milestones in the workplace. Some stress can keep you on your toes and make you much harder than usual. But nowadays,  this hectic world schedules, the workplace seems like an emotional roller coaster with long hours, tight deadlines, never-ending demands can leave anyone feeling stressed, drained, worried, and overwhelmed. And right then, when stress exceeds to get through, it stops being helpful and starts harming your mind as well as to your work satisfaction.


Warning signs of stress at work

  • Feeling depressed, anxious, and irritable most of the time.

  • Loss of interest in work

  • Sleeping problems

  • Fatigue

  • Trouble in concentrating

  • Stomach problems

  • Social withdrawal

  • Using drugs or alcohol to cope


Not everything is controllable in the work environment, but that doesn’t lead to that you are powerless and you would be stuck in a difficult situation.  If the job stress is standing in the way your work performance, personal life, or health, it’s a high time to take action. There are plenty of things that you can do to control your stress level and regain a sense of control on your job, even if stress in the workplace is coming in between in your mental peace, no matter what your ambitions are, what you do for a living, or how stressful your work is. 

Here are 10 ways to deal with stress at work and stop worrying:

  1. Prioritize Your Priorities

With fast-changing priorities and tight deadlines, it's hard to define what's actually important and why. That requires more clarity. It is important to create a balanced routine with regular breaks. Try not to over-commit yourself, you should avoid plan things back-to-back or trying to fit too much into a single day. 

  1. Reset the Panic Button

Many of us become panic-y and have shortness of breath before a presentation and any important work. We can reduce anxiety quickly with the right acupressure point, by pointing the thumb on the middle finger and applying little pressure can instantly regulate blood pressure. 

  1. Be Your Own Critic

Thousands of thoughts stream through your mind every day. Internal negativity can just only stress you out. The fix? You just need to stop being harsh on yourself, instead, try cheering yourself up. With the help of encouraging thoughts, you can motivate yourself to achieve and help inspire others.

  1. Break Bad Habits That Add To Workplace Stress

Most of us make our workplace and job very stressful with our negative thoughts and behavior. You should defeat bad habits like flip negative thinking, try controlling the uncontrollable, instead, you should resist perfectionism when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves, you should start looking for humor in the situation and try to clean up your act. If your workspace or desk is a mess that makes your mind more messed up.

  1. Cool Down Quickly 

When you get angry or feel frustrated there’s a heated feeling runs through your body to make you react in a certain way, in this case of immediately reacting or say overreacting, we can suggest you “cooling breath” technique. This technique says to breathe in through your mouth and breathe out through your nose. 

  1. Act Rather Than React

    We are in stress when we feel that things are getting out of our hands. It generates the stress hormones and if persists for the long term, it can lower confidence, concentration, and well-being. We should always be able to identify these situations that we can control and try to let go of the rest.

  2. Be Proactive About Your Job

Whenever we feel helpless, uncertain, or out of control, our stress levels are the highest. There are somethings you can do to attain a sense of control to your workplace stress like clarifying your job description, you can make a transfer request if you are finding that your current work environment is a toxic one, you can also ask for new duties or you can take some time off from your work, recharge yourself and regain some perspective.

  1. Look For Satisfaction And Meaning In Your Work

It takes a serious toll on your physical and mental health if you are feeling bored and unsatisfied with your work or how you spend your workday and can cause high levels of stress. Always try to find meaning in your job and try to do work you are passionate about., changing attitude towards your work can totally help you regain a sense of control and purpose.

  1. Schedule Your Day For Energy And Focus

Many of us work on “push”, “push”, “push” approach, thinking if we work 10 or more hours straight, we will get more work done. Instead, our productivity goes down as per this routine, thus stress level increases and we left with very little energy for our family and our private life. It is advised that we should schedule our work-life with breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch, exercise, or to do some breathing exercises. 

  1. Eat Right And Sleep Well

Bad habits of eating can stress your system. It is advised to have low-sugar and high-protein diet. Also, not sleeping well can stress your body as it doesn’t get rejuvenating effects. Simple breathing technique would help you sleeping fast, covering your one nostril and breathe through your other nostril for three to five minutes can knock you out to sleep faster.




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