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25 Healthy Habits for a Happier Mind

A person’s character is a composition of his habits. So it's very important to have healthy habits for a healthier mind which leads to a fulfilling life. For a fulfilling life, one must have a healthy mindset, and here are some ways which lead us to a healthy mindset.

  1. Stop being tardy– Wake up on time so you can plan and do things which are to be done, without any hassles and worries because of being tardy, which in turn gives you peace of mind and happy mood throughout the day.


  1. Stay hydrated-  drinking water at regular intervals helps you to stay hydrated the whole day and it also contributes to your fitness by removing the toxins out of your body.


  1. Skosh of food- Always have food in portions for a healthy body, never eat food as you have never had it before, have food in limited quantity and break your meals, that is into four times a day ( start with breakfast which should be taken before 10 AM, then lunch, followed by evening snacks and at last dinner which should be taken by 8 PM), this helps your mind function well and keeps your body healthy.

  2. Challenge your body-  Exercise is must to keep your body and specifically mind healthy, you can do it in any way in which you feel like, it can be dancing, gyming, running, walking, Zumba or anything which you can do regularly,  do the type of exercise which makes your work out enjoyable so that you don’t avoid doing it. Like for me, Zumba works it keeps my body fit and mind relaxed and happy.

  3. Blab it out- interact more and more so that you can express your thoughts, which helps you feel acknowledged, which in turn makes you feel happy in your mind

  4. Treat to your soul- Have hobbies and pursue them as well. It helps you to keep your mind healthier than ever as it keeps your mind happy because when you pursue your hobbies you are doing something which is not for the sake of a responsibility which is to be completed but for your pleasure.


  1. Stay young forever- Never stop learning, learn something or the other on a daily basis. Everything that you learn helps you be a wiser person 

  2. The dose of love- Yes it is true that giving and receiving hugs makes a person’s mind happy as a hug from someone you love makes you feel safe and calm, so don’t forget to give and receive hugs from the people you love and also the ones who love you.

  3. Spend some time with nature – the natural environment helps a person to keep his mind relaxed and refreshing which keeps you in a happy mindset.

  4. Always be nice and true to yourself-  be nice and true to yourself always, never harm yourself, take care of your body and always have a happy mind by being true to yourself as illusions and lies never let you rest and be happy.

  5. Clean it up- clean it all, by this I mean all the clutter in your mind and your surroundings. Always be in a clean and healthy environment which helps your mind to feel sorted and happy.

  6. Meditate – Meditation is truly a magic medicine to keep your mind, body, and soul happy and healthy so do meditate daily in a very peaceful environment.

  7. Follow night routine- everyone focuses upon morning routines but the night routine is equally important and by night routine I mean, have a dairy, write about your day in it, brush your teeth, have a planner and write about the things you have to do next day, all this keeps your mind and body healthy.

  8. Have a goal- A person should give his/her life a purpose, having a purpose/goal which keeps your mind very much straightforward and happy as you always have something to look up to.

  9. Boost your relationships- Relationships are very complicating especially the ones with our lovers/ spouses so try to keep things sorted, make efforts for your relationships that matters to you, as the healthier will the relationship, the healthier will be the mind of a person.

  10. Financial stability- the most haunting part of a person’s life is lack of financial stability, so always work towards having a safe and peaceful future by having good financial stability through investing your money somewhere where your mind agrees with, to keep your mind tension free and happy.

  11. Learn to let go- holding on to grudges is very harmful to your mind, so learn to let go the things which hurt you, the things which give you mental pain, life is a process, both good and bad things happen to everyone, so just let go at times.

  12. Accept change- nothing is permanent in this world except change, so to keep your mind happy, one should accept change.

  13. Groom well- dressing well makes you look good and this makes you feel confident about yourself which gives you a happy mindset.

  14. Stay away from addiction- an addiction for anything is wrong, may it be drinks, cigarettes, drugs, it always leads you to a very unhealthy life and mindset, as when you don’t get the thing to which you are addicted to, then you are unhappy.

  15. Learn to say no- learn to say no on the very first go, so that you don’t regret the decisions you took because of pressure which makes you unhappy later on.

  16. Routine checkups-  get regular body checkups, this will give you a healthy and happy mindset as you are aware of your body status and you can fix your health problems before time which leads you to no worries in the future. 

  17. Take a break from the virtual world- Go offline for a while, social media has an equal number of advantages and disadvantages, so instead of being in the virtual world 24/7, spend time with the reality around you.

  18. Take a break- this is so required for a  happy mindset as routine gets boring at times.

  19. Make sleep a top priority– six hours of proper sleep is required for the healthy functioning of a human mind, so always go to bed on time, give your body the proper rest it requires, for a healthy lifestyle.



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