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Anxiety and Depression: Mental disorders which are not difficult to overcome


March 5, 2022, 6:25 p.m.

There is a fine link between anxiety and depression. Both these mental disorders can occur simultaneously. Research says that people who suffer from anxiety may develop symptoms of depression as well. Anxiety and depression are mental illnesses that can be cured with time and determination. If you are determined to get over it, and you work hard for it, you will definitely gain victory over it. Even though the symptoms of depression and anxiety are slightly different, in most cases it is found that people suffer from both disorders simultaneously. 

How do I know I have depression?

There are certain symptoms of depression that are different from that of anxiety. If you feel you are going through any of these symptoms, you must visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

  • Decreased energy

  • Frequent fatigue 

  • Feeling sluggish 

  • Change in weight 

  • Change in appetite 

  • Insomnia 

  • Oversleeping

  • Feeling hopeless

  • Feeling pessimistic 

  • Suicidal tendencies

  • Loss of interest 

How do I know I have anxiety?

Anxiety disorder is one of many types, but the symptoms of all types are more or less the same. You must visit your doctor if you think you are going through these changes in your physical and mental health. 

  • Rapid heartbeat 

  • Muscle tension

  • Constant feeling of fear 

  • Breathlessness 

  • Sweating abnormally 

  • Shivering 

  • Panic 

  • Difficulty in sleeping 

  • Restlessness 

  • Forgetfulness 

  • Grinding your teeth 

  • Agitation 

This is how you can manage your symptoms of anxiety and depression:

  • Accept your illness- The first step towards a healthy mental state is to accept your illness. If you know you are facing a major difficulty from a particular mental disorder, don’t try to fight it. Make peace with your illness and then do something to overcome it. It is very important for you to stay calm and composed. Being in denial will make things worse. Your mental disorder is not your fault and doesn't punish you for it. Make sure that you allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. 

  • Create a daily routine for yourself- You can make any kind of a routine, like a morning one, or an afternoon routine or an evening and night routine. Making a routine will help you in planning your day and is very helpful for someone who is suffering from anxiety and depression. This will also help in controlling your thoughts and give you a feeling and sense of control. If you have some sort of hold over your mind and its thoughts, it will automatically make you feel good about yourself and also give you a feeling of accomplishment. 

  • Get enough sleep- Your sleep schedule should be on point if you are willing to get over your mental illness. Sleep provides rest to your brain and your body muscles. You must sleep on time. It is important that you practice a healthy sleeping partner. Make it a point that you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Due to anxiety and depression, you may face difficulty in sleeping, but that is the moment when you should not give up. Relax and close your eyes till you fall asleep. Avoid using your phones at least 1 hour before you go to sleep.

  • Spend some time with nature- Nature is a natural healer. If you are feeling anxious or depressed, just stop what you are doing at that very moment and step out in the fresh air. Look around yourself. Breathe fresh air. Observe the beauty of nature. You can also inculcate in a habit to go for a morning or evening walk every day. Devote some of your quality time to nature. Get some sunlight.

  • Have a conversion with someone- If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, talking really helps. Make sure you reach out to someone quickly when you feel you are on the verge of a panic attack. Sharing your thoughts with the correct person at the correct time is the key to a lighter and healthier mind. If you keep bottling up things inside of you, you may start feeling heavy and saturated. Your mind may stop working because of too much pressure. Talk about what is bothering you. You can talk to a therapist, or some close friends and relatives, whatever suits you. Ensure you are talking to someone about your feelings whensoever you feel the need. 

  • Eat nutritious food - Your eating habits play a vital role in uplifting your mental health. Try to eat something nutritious like some fruits or nuts at least once a day. A good diet makes you feel fresh and full of energy. Your body and your brain require certain nutrients to function smoothly. You should take notice of your diet and hold back from eating too much junk. There are certain foods that help in treating anxiety and depression, like oranges, kiwi, almonds, lemon, and avocado. 

  • Practice a hobby- When you are suffering from anxiety or depression, it is extremely important that you do something you love. Everyone has a hobby. Even if you don’t, figure out what you like and start doing it on a daily basis or whenever you feel low. Hobbies help in diverting your mind elsewhere and this way you don’t think about your illness constantly. Doing what you love also produces happy hormones. Your hobby could be anything like singing, dancing, reading or sports. Do what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it. 

Anxiety and depression can be challenging to cope with, but it is not impossible to fight them. Your mental health is in your own hands to some extent, if you wish to fight it and never give up. Don’t lose your hope and you will see how things will work in your favor. 






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