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Are you feeling low? Here is how you can control your negative thoughts


Feb. 8, 2022, 3:33 p.m.

There are certain days when you feel highly low and you surround yourself with negativity. Being negative can be very dangerous for your mental as well as your physical health. Negative thoughts are associated with anxiety. It is normal if you feel stressed and low when there is a lot of negativity around you. Feeling low can also be a sign of mental disorders like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. You should understand the concept of negative thoughts deeply to get rid of them. Feeling low is random and it can happen with anyone at any time. There are times when you feel low without any reason and that is okay. Many times, you cannot even figure out the reason behind your negativity. You must recognize that it is important to stay positive. 

Feeling low can also make you feel lifeless if you don’t know how to deal with the mood. It can take a serious toll on your health. 


How does negativity impact your health?


  • It majorly increases your blood pressure and results in hypertension.

  • It will make you feel emotionally weak and vulnerable all the time. 

  • Negativity can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

  • It opens the door to different kinds of mental illnesses. 

  • Negativity and stress can develop diabetes and increase/decrease your blood sugar levels. 

  • It will lower your metabolism and weaken your immune system from within.

  • Negativity can consume a lot of energy and make you feel exhausted. 

  • It disturbs your sleep cycle and can also cause insomnia in many cases. 

  • Stress can cause muscle tension and other different kinds of body pain.

  • Negative thoughts increase your stress level and may cause depression if it persists for a long time. 

You should know how to cope with negative thoughts so that it does not harm your health. Negativity becomes a habit and you might get habitual to it which is very toxic and not a good thing at all. You should have a grasp of what to do when the negativity starts kicking in.  

8 different ways to control your negative thoughts and feel better:


  • Start focusing on your strengths- You should not pay too much attention to your weakness. Don’t overthink. If you focus on your positivities you will start feeling good. Your negative thoughts will take a back seat once you start practicing this. Think about something you like the most about yourself. 

  • You should be grateful and express gratitude- Not everybody has what you have. Feel grateful for that and be satisfied with whatever you have. Gratitude produces happy hormones in your body and makes you feel good about yourself. You can also try making a diary and writing down what you think you are grateful for each day. This way, every time you read your diary your body will be full of positivity and it will make you happy. 

  • Never judge anybody- If you judge people and compare yourself to others, you will be filled with negative emotions. Judging someone and comparing is a very toxic practice and you should not do it at all. You must learn to be happy and satisfied with whatever you have or whatever you have achieved. Judging yourself or others releases a lot of bad energy and makes you gloomy and depressed. 

  • Practice meditation and yoga- Meditation helps in calming you down and relaxes you. It frees your mind of all the negative energy and makes you feel light from the inside. Yoga and meditation are used to treat mental health conditions. There are particular asanas in yoga that make you feel calm and composed. If you are having trouble meditating, you can always listen to meditation podcasts or slow and soft music. This keeps you relaxed and controls negative thoughts. 

  • Do not try to fight away your thoughts- Don’t push yourself too hard to eliminate negative thoughts from your mind. It will make your situation worse and fill your mind with pressure and anxiety. You will start feeling restless if you constantly try to get rid of your thoughts forcefully. You must give yourself time to heal. Give your mind and body the time to accept what is happening inside or around you. 

  • Divert your mind elsewhere- Learn to divert your mind elsewhere when you think negative thoughts have started kicking in. Indulge in some work or maybe do something you like. If you have a hobby then do that but don’t pay attention to the negativity. The more you think about it, the deeper you keep going in. Start dancing or singing or maybe sit with your parents or call a close one for some casual chit-chat. 

  • Don’t bottle up your feelings- If you want to get rid of negative thoughts, make sure that you don’t keep bottling them up inside of you. Always talk about what you feel is going on with you. Share your feelings with somebody you trust. It will make you feel lighter. Talk to someone you think would understand. Vent out your negative emotions and you will automatically start getting rid of these negative thoughts that are running in your head. 

  • Seek professional help if needed- Pay close attention to your thoughts and symptoms and if you think they are going out of control you must seek professional help. See a psychiatrist and take therapy so that the situation does not get worse. You should always appreciate professional advice. It is always helpful to talk to a doctor about your condition and he can advise you better than anybody else. 

If you are feeling low, even in those times try to stay connected with your close ones and don’t panic. It is fine to feel what you have been feeling and you can slowly heal from it. 

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