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Choices women make and the judgment that follows


Feb. 1, 2022, 4:25 p.m.

Around the world, women have very little influence over the decisions they take in their lives. The decisions women take are affected by various societal factors. When a woman chooses to live her life on her terms, she is handed a plate full of comments and negative criticism. Whenever a woman tries to walk the unconventional road, she is judged by society. Society tries to dictate a woman’s life. The point is, a women should be given the freedom of making their own decisions without the fear of being judged or pulled down

When a man decides not to marry, he is not questioned. But, when a woman decides not to marry, she is judged for the same. If a man decides to work, he is perceived as a goal-oriented person, but at the same time if a woman decides to work before or after marriage, she is perceived as ‘too modern’. Up till now, there is a difference in the quality of space between both genders. A large part of society has still not accepted the fact that men and women are equal. If a man has complete freedom to make decisions for himself, so do women. There should not exist any differentiation based on gender. Both genders should be given equal control over their lives and also the choices they make. 

Many successful women around the globe do not want to get married. The reason could be anything, but the concern is that she should feel free to take that decision for herself. If she chooses not to have kids, it is her sole decision that should be respected. Unconventional women are looked at very differently. Society frames judgments and concludes based on how she chooses to live her life or the kind of decisions she makes for herself. Certain norms are handed over to women, and she is told to make their choices based on those norms. This is a problematic situation and the issue should be addressed quickly. 

Women and their life choices should be their own business and nobody else’s. Nowadays, women are well-educated in all fields. They are well-aware of all the things that are going on in society. Some women choose to work and some don’t. Some choose to marry, others don’t. Some women choose to have kids while others don’t. All these different choices are completely fine because it is their own choice. The question that arises is why do men have the freedom of making their own choices without being judged, and women don’t. Women often miss out on many opportunities because of this very reason. 

There is a momentum roaming around, influencing the lives and choices of women and girls. Women who decide to put their kids and family ahead of their career are also just as same as the women who choose to put their career ahead of their families. Women must be given the freedom to choose their own education and the type of work they want to do. They should have the choice of whether or not they want to settle down in life, or they want to hustle more. She should not be handed a broom in one hand and a cooker in another. She should not be forced to do something she does not want to do. The choices made by them should be equally respected as that of men. Some choose to become full-time mothers whereas some choose to continue working simultaneously with their motherhood. What matters is the lifestyle choices, and until and unless it is not doing anybody any harm, she should not be told to do something otherwise. 

Women are heroes of their own lives. They should have the freedom to write their own story in whichever way they like. Let us make this society a free space for both men and women.  

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