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Did you know that pets can be beneficial to your health?


Nov. 29, 2021, 9:29 a.m.

Animals can make people feel really good. Sometimes, just interacting with an animal can do wonders for you. You may not feel the same way when talking to a human, but interacting with a pet works like magic. Some people think it is a bit much of a headache to get a pet, which is not true. It is just a little more responsibility and a whole lot of fun. Pets are no less than therapy. It’s a whole new feeling when you come back home to a purr or a wagging tail. Having a pet automatically makes you healthier. A lot of people do not know the health benefits of owning a pet can provide. 

How can having a pet proves to be good for your health?

  • Pets help in relieving all kinds of stress- Having a pet has a soothing effect. If you have been feeling low or stressed out, playing with a pet will calm you down. It is scientifically proven to be mentally healthy. It decreases the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone in your body. Pets have the ability to treat certain mental health conditions like PTSD, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. They are like friends to you, with no complaints and no demands. Your pet can be your best friend if you love and care for it the same way you do for others. Pets can make you a happier and better person, by increasing the production of serotonin in your brain, which can improve your mental state. 

  • Pets improve your fitness- Pet walkers are known to be fitter than people who walk alone or with other people. If you own a pet, you know you have to take them for a walk every morning and evening. You have a fixed schedule. They boost your fitness and make you more active. Pet owners are less lethargic as compared to the ones who don't own a pet. Your sleep schedule depends on your pet’s eating and playing around time. Researches have proved that pet owners have a better sleeping schedule. You may not make time for your gym, but you will take your pet out for a walk, which automatically improves your fitness. 

  • Pets reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases- Low-stress levels and a good fitness schedule adds up to the reduced risk of heart diseases. If you are physically and mentally healthy, you are at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. People suffering from heart diseases should buy a pet. The most preferred pet for heart patients is a dog. Owning a dog makes you a more jolly and happier person. Heart conditions like heart stroke, high cholesterol, cardiac arrest, and heart attack are reduced to a great extent if you have a good pet. 

  • Pets help in reducing your blood pressure- Petting a dog or a cat brings down high blood pressure levels. If you are suffering from hypertension, you are advised not to stress out much and try to stay calm and relaxed. A pet does that for you. Pets will regulate your mood and make you feel light. This way, the chances of increased blood pressure decrease automatically. A healthy mind automatically indicates a healthy body. Your stress levels can have an effect on your blood pressure. Therefore, it is advised that you buy a pet for yourself to get rid of all the unnecessary tension and health complications that come along with it. 

  • Pets help in preventing allergies in children- Kids who are exposed to pets have lesser chances of developing any kind of allergies like asthma, pox, or respiratory infections. Kids who grow up surrounded by farm animals like dogs or cats have lower chances of developing any kind of allergies and have a stronger and better immune system. These kids are less likely to develop any allergic infections or diseases. 

  • Pets help in getting rid of depression- You may have heard many psychiatrists talking about how dangerous and life-risking depression can be. Depression makes you feel lonely and sad all the time. In such situations, pets are of huge help. If you are surrounded by a pet, like a dog, your depression starts residing automatically. Pets are very helpful in cases of depression. Animals help you in diverting your mind from all negative thoughts. Pets require attention and lots of love and care. This way you hardly get any time to think about your illness. Your pets won’t let you stay upset. They will come around licking you and forcing you to play with them. Pets will give you unconditional love which is the need of the hour for patients of depression all the time.

  • Pets help in reducing your cholesterol levels- When you own a pet, you have a more active and healthier lifestyle. Being physically active can reduce your cholesterol levels to a great extent. When you eat right and sleep right, your cholesterol levels remain normal. People with pets have healthier amount of cholesterol levels.

  • Pets act as a snack alarm for you- If you are suffering from diabetes, then owning a dog is the best remedy for you. Certain dogs can sense the sudden drop or increase in sugar levels of their owners and set off an alarm for the owner to eat. Dogs can alert the owner of their blood glucose levels and avoid any kind of mishaps. 

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Pets give you the kind of love and affection nobody else can. They are more like your family and can protect you in all situations. If you have certain health complaints, you should definitely own a pet. It will make you feel better. It also helps in bettering your health drastically. Pets can be your best buddies and your entire world! 




Dec. 1, 2021, 10:25 a.m.

Very well explained…🤘🏻


Dec. 1, 2021, 12:40 p.m.

Did not know that. Nice


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