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Healthy lifestyle: Tips to boost your immunity


Feb. 18, 2022, 9:32 a.m.

The immune system of your body provides resistance against aplenty of diseases and infections. It protects your body against foreign substances and helps in keeping you healthy. It plays a dynamic role in the functioning of the human body. The immune system is built with special and different kinds of cells. It is amenable for the smooth functioning of your body. One must take care of their immunity to avoid any risk or damage to their health. A weak immune system means your body is more prone to diseases. Our immunity is a whole symptom and to function properly it needs hard work, balance and dedication. The impact of diet and lifestyle habits affects the immune system. A healthy immune system is able to defeat pathogens. If you wish to keep yourself physically fit and healthy, you have to ensure that you are taking good care of your immunity. Following a healthy routine and practicing a good lifestyle is key to a good and strong immune system. 

Tips to boost immunity: 


  • Reduce your stress levels- Your mental health can seriously damage your immunity. It harms your physical health as well. Stress can bring your physical and mental health down. It weakens your immunity and opens the door for many different kinds of infections and diseases. 

  • Indulge in physical activities- Make sure you exercise on a daily basis. Energetic movements of the body for the sake of physical fitness are very important for your body and your health. It keeps you moving and makes you fit and active. It keeps your organs healthy and helps them function properly. A fit body means a fit immune system. Physical activities strengthen your immunity. 

  • Drink more fluids- Staying hydrated is important. Ensure you drink adequate water and also consume liquids. Fluids help in the smooth running of your immune system. It makes sure all the processes are carried out well. Liquids flush out toxins from your body and keep you healthy. 

  • Eat a good and balanced diet- Your diet plays a major role in shaping your immunity. If you eat right, you feel right. A balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients to your body and protects it from all kinds of chronic diseases and infections. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. For a restorative immune system, you need to eat healthily. 

  • Practice good hygiene- Follow good hygiene in your day-to-day life. Staying hygienic both inside out is extremely important. Your hygiene determines your health. Wash your hands before eating anything, so that germs and bacteria don't enter your body and harm your immunity. Take a shower regularly. A hygienic body is a right place for good immunity. 

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol- If you wish to drink alcohol, you should only drink occasionally and in moderation. Alcohol is harmful to your brain and other organs of your body like the liver and kidney. Alcohol can break down your immune system and weaken you internally. 

  • Do not smoke or consume tobacco in any form- If you are in the habit of smoking or consuming tobacco in any other form, then quit it right away. It is extremely injurious to your health and affects all your organs and makes them weak. 

  • Get proper sleep- Give your body and mind enough rest. Sleep for 8 hours every day. Your sleep cycle has an impact on your immunity. If you have a bad sleep cycle and your body does not get enough rest, your immunity goes down. Your body won't get the time to reboot and it won’t function properly. You will feel lethargic the entire day. For a healthy immune system, you must get yourself enough sleep and take rest whenever possible. 

  • Maintain a healthy weight- Weight management is a very important step if you are aiming to achieve good immunity. Obesity can create many problems for your health and body. An unhealthy weight affects your organs and makes your immune system weak. You must try to maintain a healthy body weight all the time. 

  • Think about consuming herbs and supplements- There are certain requirements of your body that stay unfulfilled even after eating a proper diet. To fulfill these requirements, talk to your doctor about supplements and herbs that your body might need. This increases your immunity and helps you in fighting diseases more quickly and strongly. Your body requires a good number of healthy substances to function and these herbs and supplements can provide you with that. But first, you need to confirm it with your doctor and check if it is safe for you to consume them. 

  • Keep your symptoms under control- If you are already suffering from some type of chronic illness like diabetes or hypertension, you must make sure that you keep the symptoms under your control by taking your medications on time and following what is advised by your doctor. These illnesses can majorly affect your immunity; hence you should work on them and try to keep them at bay to avoid any further risk or unnecessary damage to your health. 

You must take proper care of your immunity if you don’t want to fall sick. Your immunity determines your physical health. There are many diseases in the air these days and to protect yourself from all kinds of infections and viruses, you should have strong immunity. Work on your immune system and look what wonders it does for you!  

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