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Make peace with yourself: 10 tips for body positivity


May 31, 2021, 2:28 p.m.

Being body positive helps in changing your attitude towards your own body. Loving yourself and making peace with yourself is extremely important and required for healthy living. The body positivity movement was initiated to empower all overweight individuals. The movement teaches you that beauty comes in different tones, shapes, sizes and appearances. This social movement challenges how society perceives different body shapes and sizes. Body positivity means falling in love with your body, no matter what. It preaches to respect everyone with different shapes and sizes. Feel good in your skin. Embrace your beauty. 

How can you stay body positive? 

  • Write positive affirmations on your mirror- We tend to experience the most amount of body hate when standing in front of the mirror. Make positive quotes that say ‘love yourself, ‘you are beautiful, ‘you are enough, ‘you look perfect’, and post them in your mirror. This way whenever you look into the mirror or walk past your mirror, you will read them and feel good about yourself. This will keep reminding you of how beautiful you are and nobody else can define beauty for you. 

  • Do not weigh yourself now and then- Weighing yourself all the time can be a toxic habit. If you keep weighing yourself daily, you will start judging yourself more day after day. Try to get rid of the scale or maybe ask someone to hide it somewhere. Don’t go looking for it. It is okay to be in any shape or any bodyweight, until and unless it is not causing any sort of harm to your health. The scale does not decide your worth. You can weigh 40 and be beautiful and you can weigh 80 and still be beautiful. 

  • Accept compliments- If you do not accept compliments, then you are unnecessarily putting yourself down. Whenever somebody compliments you, learn to show gratitude in response. Don’t undervalue yourself. Don’t add ifs and buts in your replies to a compliment. Believe them whenever somebody compliments you. If you want, compliment them back. Don’t sound underconfident or overconfident about yourself. Accept all kinds of healthy compliments and maybe note them down somewhere, so that whenever you feel low, you can go through them and uplift your mood. 

  • Never compare yourself to others- If you compare yourself to others it will only make you feel bad about yourself. It won’t do you any good. Stop looking at others and feeling that God could have made you better looking. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. You are very lucky that you are physically able to do things. There are so many people out there who are physically disabled and can’t even perform their daily tasks. So next time, before looking at someone and judging yourself, promise to love yourself just the way you are. 

  • Surround yourself with a supportive squad- Don’t be around any negativity. Surround yourself with people who are understanding and supportive, people who won’t pull you down just because of your size, shape or appearance. Be around people who accept you just how you are and don’t want to change a thing about you. Don’t body-shame anybody and do not be body-shamed. Educate yourself as well as educate others on the concept of body positivity. If you are surrounded by good people, you will feel more confident and this will uplift your thoughts about yourself. 

  • Get rid of the idea that thin/curvy people are luckier- If you think thin/curvy people are lucky and have a more happening life, then you are completely wrong. Your body size and shape do not determine your level of happiness. If you are comfortable in your skin, you are a happy person. Your happiness should not be determined by the way you look. The only thing that your happiness should depend upon is yourself. You can be any shape or size, and be as happy as anybody else in this whole wide world. 

  • Focus on what you like about yourself- We must not focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, instead, we should always focus on what we do like. Look at yourself and think of all the good things about you. Push the bad thoughts away. Make a list of things which you like about your body. Set it as your phone’s wallpaper or post it near your bed. Whenever somebody body-shames you or you get ill thoughts about your body, look at the list and remind yourself that all body shapes are good and all sizes are beautiful. 

  • Do something good for your body- Make some time out of your busy schedule and give an entire day to yourself. Do something for yourself. Go for a long hot shower or a jacuzzi bath. Treat yourself to a spa. Take a long good nap and a beautiful sleep. Involve in activities that make you feel good and positive about your body. Give your body a gift and tell yourself that you are priceless. Do these things at least once or twice a month so that you stay body-positive throughout. 

  • Don’t talk negative about yourself- Treat your body the same way you would treat a friend’s. Cut out the negative talks. Don’t self-talk yourself into body-shaming. If you keep talking ill about your body, you will start attracting that kind of energy around you. Create a positive vibe and avoid using any sorts of negative words for yourself or anybody else. When you talk good about your body, people will talk good about your body. 

  • Fall in love with all of yourself- Don’t choose specific body parts that you like in your body. Try to fall in love with your entire body. This way you radiate body positivity. If you think only your eyes are pretty and not your hands, you are attracting negative energy. Love your body as a whole. Focus on your entire body instead of just one or two parts. 

Your body does fabulous and wonderful things for you. Show some appreciation for your body and build a positive body image. Embrace your body and its beauty!





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