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Master the art of falling in love with your own company


Nov. 22, 2021, 9:26 a.m.

There are many living souls who like spending time alone. On the other hand, many have to stay alone for their work or college purposes. In both cases, staying alone should not be a problem for anyone. Spending time with yourself can be fun too. You can enjoy yourself alone as well. You don't need to always have company. If you are lonesome, there are ways in which you can relish yourself. All you need to do is stop overthinking the fact that you are staying alone because of whatever reason. 

What can I do to enjoy my company alone?

  • Wake up with a goal for each day- You should set your goals the previous night before waking up in the morning. This way, if you are alone, you will still be occupied because you will have a lot of work to do. Make a to-do schedule and stick to it strictly. If you have pre-set goals in your mind, you won’t get the time to think about anything else which is not necessary. 

  • Develop some habit- Develop a new habit. Start reading books or maybe go to dancing classes. Do something that interests you. Once you start with something and follow it daily, you will eventually get used to it and it will become a part of your daily routine. You can do anything you like and slowly and gradually make it a daily habit. Doing something you like every day is a good way of spending some time with yourself. 

  • Go for some retail therapy- Shopping can instantly boost your mood. If you realize you are getting bored then go shopping. Shopping can be quite fun if you are going solo. There is nobody who is going to judge you for what you buy or ask you how much more time is it going to take. You can simply take all the time in the world and buy yourself anything and everything you want. 

  • Learn to cook- If you are very fond of eating, cook something that you like for yourself. Watch videos and learn to cook your favourite dish. Cooking can be incredibly relaxing. The sense of achievement it gives you when you eat something cooked by yourself is absolutely out of the world. Cooking will pass your time quickly and you won’t even realize it. 

  • Stay in touch with people- If you have lost touch with your close ones because of being busy, then this is the time to get in touch with everybody again. Check up on your friends and ask them how they are doing in life.

  • Do some kind deeds for someone in need- Do some charity or something kind for someone who needs it. You will feel lighthearted when you help out others. Good deeds will only add to your good karma. If you are feeling lonely, go help somebody. 

  • Plan a staycation- Book a good lavish hotel in the same city where you are putting up right now and treat yourself to a good day. Use the facilities provided by the hotel, go for a swim, spend some time in the spa and see how you won’t even feel like you are alone or you don’t have company. 

  • Go for a solo trip- Solo trips can be challenging initially but they are extremely fun if get the hang of it. Plan a solo trip to your favorite place and go roam around the place whenever and wherever you like. Your trip does not have to include anyone to make it fun and interesting. You can live high on the hog on that trip. 

  • Take yourself out for brunch or dinner- Treat yourself to a good meal. Go out all by yourself to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself to your favorite meal. Order the best food and taste it all by yourself. At first, people might judge you but that is not what you are here for. You are here to enjoy yourself all on your own. 

  • Learn more about yourself- You can never know everything about yourself. When you are alone you can self-introspect. Discover the hidden facts about yourself. Get to know about your personality and your behavior. You are more of a sorted person when you know yourself in and out. You won’t get the time to do this when you are surrounded by people. 

Being all by yourself is not that bad. It is not bad at all. You can be on one's own and still enjoy your company. One must learn to fall in love with their own company. You don't need to always be surrounded by friends or family. There will be times when you will be alone and completely clueless about what to do.  At this time, instead of feeling low or lonely, try to enjoy yourself as much as you can. Do things you love. Don't fear judgment. 




Nov. 22, 2021, 9:05 p.m.

Love this post. I am definitely gonna plan a staycation 🎉


Nov. 23, 2021, 5:55 a.m.

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Nov. 24, 2021, 10:01 a.m.

Yes, definitely this type of blog is really helpful for people great job.

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