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5-morning habits to start your day on a healthy and good note


March 16, 2021, 12:29 p.m.

A good lifestyle is very important to lead a healthy life. Your day should start on a positive note and end on the same. You have to be attentive towards the type of life you are living. Your lifestyle and day-to-day activities are directly proportional to your health. You can only achieve a healthy mind and body if your lifestyle is good.

What benefits does a healthy lifestyle give? 


Healthy living will make you mentally fit as well as lift your mood. If you have a healthy lifestyle then you are surely at a lower risk of developing chronic illnesses and infections. If your body is fit, you automatically start feeling good about yourself. It helps in boosting your self-confidence. A healthy lifestyle will improve your metabolism and make you strong, both internally and externally. You must pay special attention to your lifestyle if you are suffering from long-term illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. It does not only provides physical health benefits but also helps in getting rid of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.  

5 healthy morning habits to start your day on a perfect note: 


  • Don’t use your phone in the morning- Avoid using your phone first thing in the morning. You create problems for your brain space if you start your day by scrolling through social media. If you feel the need to use your phone, make sure you use it for good things like listening to a good and positive podcast or some good soft music. Reaching out for your phone right after you wake up spoils your entire routine.

  • Never skip your breakfast- Breakfast is the important meal of the day. You should always plan your breakfast. People generally skip eating their breakfast because they are running late. But you should always keep something healthy to eat handy with you so that at least you can eat on the go. Your breakfast should be rich in nutrition so that it can keep your body and mind working throughout the day. Never skip your breakfast at any cost. Plan your choices ahead of time, so that it doesn’t consume much of your time in the morning. Your breakfast should be very healthy and extremely light. Avoid eating anything heavy early in the morning. 

  • Exercise in the morning- You should get active early in the morning. This boosts your metabolism and gives a fresh start to your day. If you have joined a gym, go there to work out in the morning itself. Breathe fresh air in the morning and spend time with nature. Don't be lethargic in the morning. If you are lazy in the morning, there are chances that you will stay like that throughout the day. Take a good morning shower and start your day positively. 

  • Plan a proper kind of schedule- Creating a schedule and then following it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the benefits it provides are amazing. You should make a schedule and plan out your entire day based on your to-do list. You must have a morning ritual, no matter what the situation is, you should adhere to it. To not make your schedule monotonous you should always play with your routine. Once you start following the routine, your body will automatically adapt to it. Get used to a good morning routine and see what wonders it does for your mental and physical health. 

  • Maintain a journal- Many people have the habit of journaling everything which is an extremely good and healthy habit. You should maintain a journal and write every morning. If you start penning down your thoughts, you will notice a very positive change in your life, and you will be filled with so much gratitude. Creating a journal is one of the healthiest morning habits which you should adopt. 

How can you achieve a good lifestyle? 


Certain habits are the main characteristics of healthy living. 

  • You must exercise daily- You should make a good exercise routine that you can follow every day. This will keep you moving and provide several health benefits. Don’t push your limits initially. Make a schedule that is easy to follow and realistic. Once you get used to working out daily, you can start with intense workouts. Give a minimum of thirty minutes to your physical activities. Start by early morning walks and running. It is important that you religiously follow your exercise routine. 

  • Stick to your passion- Following your passion makes you feel good from the inside. Natural happiness is very important and it can only be achieved by sticking to your passion. Make sure to do things which you love. Don't ever compromise with your passion at any cost. If you like dancing, then make time for it and dance. Similarly, if you like to read, make sure you read every day. Your passion will take you forward in life. It keeps your stress away. Always spare some time to do something you love. 

  • Stay conscious about your diet- If you want to lead a good lifestyle, you must start eating healthy. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Pay good attention to your diet. Make sure to add enough nutrition in your diet so that your body functions well. If you eat healthily, it automatically reflects on your skin and hair. By eating healthy you can also achieve your weight management goals. Add good fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Consume fewer carbohydrates and unhealthy fat. Do not skip a meal at any cost. Eat on time and make sure you know what you are eating and its pros and cons for your body. If you are eating something which has high calories, make sure you burn more calories than you eat. 

  • Be optimistic- Surrounding yourself with positive energy is a very significant step towards a healthy lifestyle. You must know how to face your problems and manage stress. If you are pessimistic, you will invite negativity towards you. If you stay positive in all situations, you will attract positive energy. You must stay optimistic in all situations. Negativity can lead to many severe mental and physical health complications. Make it a habit to look at the good side of all situations. 

You must not let that happen. Try doing other things and use your phone only when you feel an urgent need to. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not tough. All you need to be is dedicated and determined. If you follow the above-mentioned habits, you will achieve your goal of leading a good and healthy life. 




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