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Most Natural Ways To Reduce Depression


June 19, 2020, 7:32 p.m.


Depression is the most common response but being depressed can make you helpless. Along with taking medication and therapy, there’s a lot that you can do at your end to fight back. Challenging your negative thoughts or changing your behavior like your lifestyle, physical activities, and even by changing your way of thinking- all are natural depression treatments. 

These tips starting right now can help you feel better and reduce depression-

  1. Set a gentle daily schedule:  It is very important that if you are depressed then you need to get in a routine. Depression can strip away your peace and structure from your life. Today melts into tomorrow and the cycle goes on. Setting up a daily routine can help you to get on track.

  2. Set Daily Goals: It is very common to feel that you can’t accomplish anything when you are depressed and that even makes you feel worse about yourself. To push this back hard, you need to set daily goals or small targets for your self. You can start from very small like setting a goal something that you can succeed at,  like cooking everyday or going to the park every day. As you start feeling better, you can set more goals and add challenges to your daily targets.


  1. Regular Excercise:  Including regular exercise in your routine can temporarily boost endorphins. Endorphins are the chemical that generates in our body which triggers a positive feeling and reduces stress and pain. This may also have long-term advantages for people suffering from depression.  Regular exercise seems to boost mood and encourage the brain to rewire in positive ways. You don’t need to run miles to get its benefits, walking a few times a week would be a good help.


  1. Eat Healthily, Eat Right: We don’t have any magic diet that fixes depression but it’s a good habit to watch what you eat. Depression tends to overeat, getting in control of your eating habits can help you feel less stressed and even make you feel better. 

  2. Get Enough Sleep: Depression tends to make it hard for you to shut your eye and sleep, it may melt one sleepless night to another and too little sleep can make your condition worse. What can you do to fight back? You can by making some changes to your everyday lifestyle. Try to take naps, get up, and go to bed at the same time daily. Take out all the distractions from your bedroom, your computer or TV, etc, by doing this you may find your sleep.

  3. Take On Responsibilities: Most of the time it happens that you find it difficult to perform your duties at work and at home. You may feel to give up your responsibilities at work or at home when you are depressed, but you shouldn’t be doing this. Instead, having daily responsibilities and staying involved in your duties can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle that can help counter depression. These responsibilities ground and provide you a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Challenge Negative Thoughts:  A lot of work is mental in the fight against depression. It’s all about changing your mindset, changing how you think and react. It may happen that you come to the worst possible conclusions when you are depressed. You should be positive about yourself and should be using logic as a natural depression treatment the next time you feel terrible about yourself. You may feel that no one admires you, but do you have any evidence for that? You may feel like you are the most worthless person in this world, but is it really like that? To get rid of these negative thoughts, you need to do practice to think positively and challenging your negative thoughts, but in time you can definitely beat these negative thoughts before they control you. 

  5. Practice Gratitude: You can make a practice of thinking to be grateful for something in your life. When you love doing something or you find a new activity that you love, that boosts your mental health and you can be thankful for that. Research says practicing gratitude leaves a positive effect on your overall mental health. You can practice writing down things you are grateful for, or try writing notes to others- these can be particularly meaningful.

  6. Try Something New: When you are depressed, you will be very unproductive or in a rut. Push yourself to do something entirely new. You can try learning a new language or join a dance class or anything.  There are some chemical changes that happen in our brain when we challenge ourselves to do something new which is associated with enjoyment, pleasure, and learning.

  7.  Try To Have Fun: You must keep trying to make time for things you enjoy even if you are depressed. Push yourself hard to having fun in things you love doing.



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