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Energy and the universe

Jyoti Kumari January 25, 2018 0 Comments Life and Universe

Where the energy lies in the universe and do different energies influence each other ?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, whether it is humans, animals,  plants, trees, thoughts, love, anything and everything holds energy inside it and radiates the same.

All of these things exchange energies with one another. That’s why we have a perception over everything, because energy of everything around us, effects our energy.

Anything that takes place around, we originate a thought about it. For example, when we meet someone new, we immediately get a feeling about them, a kind of perception holds in our mind about liking them or disliking them, which is not based on anything tangible. It is based on energy, the vibe we get from that person.

When you catch up on the vibes and energy you get from the people – their vibrations introduces them completely, even before they open their mouth to speak! You pick up on the people’s energy to take an instant like or dislike to someone. Sometimes you walk into a room full of people, you instantly become comfortable or uneasy, you can’t explain why, it’s just the vibes,energy, feeling you get.

Energy introduces one’s personality, we become what we think about !

Energy follows thought, what we focus on, we get more of. Our feelings and thoughts send out the vibration and the energy of the universe matches by giving us more of the same, the resonant energy. Our brains define us and connect us to the world and to each other.

All of our thoughts, feelings and vibes create our aura, the field of universal energy surrounding our body. The aura of our personal vibe travels with us throughout the day, attracting positive and negative experiences which match its unique vibes.

And we, as a human, really underestimates the power of the energy. Our energy is attracting all the time, what we put out, we attract.

If any person, or a situation or any place left a reaction inside you, your energy also creates a reaction in others too.Similar energies really attract each other. We love some places or we love to be in certain situations, and most importantly we love someone who has the same vibrational energy as we have. We love to be around them because, in some ways they also have the same energy as we have, may be they are totally different from us, but somehow they have similar life experiences with which they played with the same vibrational energy.

Looking at someone very angry or depressed, we think they are like that because of their circumstances but no, they actually attracted them. When their circumstances match their inner vibrational energy, they even become more irritating and annoying, and by contrast, the people who are happy and have gratitude, they radiates the same energy everywhere everytime, life becomes easier for them.

What we can get from the universe

Universe has so many things to give us, it is upon us how we can take this. When we have a positivity, a sorted energy inside us, we will attract the positive in return.We just need to believe in ourselves, be grateful for what we already have and remove all energy blockages, then the complete universe will make us believe to attract exactly what we want.We need to go according to the laws of universe because nothing can  escapes the law. If you give the positive energy to the universe, to the people you meet, you will get the same – it’s the Law !

To give back to the universe

Our perception has the relationship with the universe.Each one of us has at least something to give back to the universe, after all,  we all are unique. Our thoughts are mental fingerprints, no one can think exactly like you..Everything has an energetic vibration, we just need to surround us with the the high-vibrational objects and high-vibrational thoughts of peace, love, positivity and compassion, this leads to attract similar energies, nothing else.

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