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Self Discovery – Finding yourself

Jyoti Kumari April 9, 2018 1 Comments Uncategorized


According to American English dictionary, Self discovery defines as –

“a becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, motives, etc.”

How can you define yourself or how can you decide your own path. ?
Define ourselves, may some people got mistaken with reciting their resume, like they achieved medals, or good rankings in academics or became what they should become. But are these things really define yourself ?

In my research to the question what exactly defines me or my self discovery is – to find a level of authentic engagement when I am paying attention to inner me in the moment, listening to the things which is going inside me, to my thoughts, to my feelings, bodily sensations, energy, vibes etc.

1) Finding path for yourself – It is the key when you are very close in self discovery. In this, its not the path that you should choose, because everyone else is going on this path, or society or people from history are following this, or because your elders know this is right for you. Finding your path means, that one which core you wants to take. Beside from any outside influence, choosing paths for yourself, leads to self discovery.

2) Finding your demons and face them  – We all have a fear of finding our own demons. From childhood we have been taught that we should not let anybody know our weakness, our soft points, so we just do not have behave as “who we really are” in front of anybody. We have a fear that we would lose our friendships or relationships if he/she gets to know is who am I really is.

There is a strong fear in finding our demons, that is, in the process of self discovery, we will come to the conclusion that we are worthless. We always compare ourselves with one another and find ourselves at the lower point and get disheartened easily, rather you put yourself in pain, you prefer to be unaware of these demons and think as if everything is fine.

So, we  should face our demons and fight from them to become more strong and worthful. These demons  create a negativity inside us, it is better for us to confront our weaknesses, feelings, thoughts, emotional issues, which will reveal the separation from the real you.
Real you will allow you to nurture yourself, to let you grow more, let you fail and then succeed.

3) Recognising your strengths by self love – We have a lack of self love. We have never been taught to love ourselves. In Fact, we never needed that, we always workout on ourselves according to others perspective, we are always in crave to get accepted by the society, because from early age, we get criticism more than the encouragement.

In path of self discovery, finding your strengths is the thing you need to know about yourself. You should honour your strengths and abilities. As you get to know about your strengths, you will lessen the list of our weaknesses.
You should really need to look inside the inner you, you should be aware of everything that excites you, that makes you feel alive, that makes your  heart sing and full of life.

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