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Hello there! We're so excited that you are wanting to share YOUR story. Anonymity is permitted if you so desire. Please help us build an inspiring collection of stories by sharing your journey to empowerment. You are the
expert about what happened to you and your heart knows the truth of your own experience.
This is an opportunity for you to share YOUR story in your OWN words – not other people’s story about you.

Anonymous on 06 Aug 2022
Just overthinking

I used to suppress the urges to overthink but eventually it has always came back and with a bang, hurting my thoughts , stuffing with negativity and consuming my heart. These days become more wors…

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Anonymous on 06 Aug 2022
The First Day of College

"LIFE IS FULL OF TRAGEDY" This quote came true on 26 October 2021, The First Day of my College. I was nervous and anxious because of IIT JEE failure and couldn't utter a word due to …

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Anonymous on 10 Jun 2022
Manifesting my anxiety
I have been experiencing this tiredness, the feeling that creeps on me even if I haven’t done anything all day long. I experience this dullness when I am finally left all lonesome after a long day o…
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Manifesting my anxiety

Anonymous , on 10 Jun 2022

Shattered dreams

Pradeep , on 10 Jun 2022

Lockdown friendship

Deepti , on 10 Jun 2022

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