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Time management techniques

Jyoti Kumari April 7, 2018 0 Comments Uncategorized

Time stays long enough for those who use it.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci, That implies perfectly that time is precious, especially when it comes to running a small business. Yet there are never more than 24 hours in a day. Some people respond to this fact of life with vision and purpose. Others go crazy and do unreliable things. Generally we faces many distractions in running our own business or work, sometimes a one hour job become a four hour task as we get interrupted from several causes. These distractions could be Facebook, whatsapp, email, friends, family, pets whatever. These things don’t make you feel that you have done an hour of work with taking fun breaks every moments, they make you feel like you have been working hard for four hours.

Time management for anyone might be a difficult thing to do, but it frees you from monotonousness so you can accomplish more while gaining extra time for yourself. If there are many time management techniques then there are distractions also to keep you away from making the most of your time. Account to this one should wake up early in the morning, this gives you much energy to gain clarity on your strategies and priorities. Time and energy are directly proportional to each others because while you are managing time, you are also managing yourself. After that set your priorities for the day and do work in sprints to accomplish that then get break for a short moment.

One should avoid multitasking, this is because you are split between multiple areas of focus which causes failure and ruin your time investment into that. Everyone wants to better manage their time, but it can be a daily struggle if you do not approach it correctly. To manage it properly you got to be hard to give away a single precious moment. you struggle­ for the motive of work-life balance but you dont seem to achieve it.

Set strategic goals in your life, Prepare to how you are goint to spend you day. Your goals should match with those priorities that you decided. They can be anything that is important to you.

Beware of being busy all the time it can lead to exhaustion or a feeling of bareness. One should reclaim personal time when you start turning down things that are simply not a priority and gaining some control over your time, you will be more available to others. you can carve out small moments of enjoyment in time.

A good time management is not simply a byproduct who achieve the most are successful in large part because they have learned to make good use of their time. They have the same time limitations in a day as everyone else, but they accomplish a larger amount in that space of time by managing it.

They know that time is their most important thing and they guard it carefully from intrusions. They do not let others or events determine the course of their day. Set a strategy to take control on time it will be well worth the effort to master it.

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