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Understanding human behaviour

Jyoti Kumari April 7, 2018 0 Comments Uncategorized

Understanding and predicting human behaviour has been of isolated interest to researchers for many years. Besides the assumption that knowledge of attitudes will help in the task of predicting human behaviour has formed the basis for much consumer and social research. What people think and what they do is inferred from people attitudes in human behaviour remark. It has generally been assumed that prediction of behaviour is best achieved by the understanding and measurement of cognitive variables. The basic assumption beneath the attitude concept is that attitudes guide or predict actual behaviour. Some researchers explain that most people have both positive and negative beliefs about a place or anything and that is viewed as corresponding to the ultimate affect associated with their beliefs. For example, the belief that ‘Donald Trump is an effective leader’ links the object ‘Donald Trump’ with the positive attribute ‘effective leader’. On the other hand, a person may also believe that the object, ‘Donald Trump’, is linked with the negative attribute ‘is out of touch with ordinary people’. Hence the attitude concept is about set of beliefs in that each belief has separate contribute. Different people may have similar opinions about an object but may give them different evaluations.

Interesting psychological facts about human behavior that we can notice generally are people who understand sarcasm well are often good at reading people’s mind and according to researchers, laziness does not reflect bad behavior. It is only a part of the teenager. There are more as people text faster to someone they like most. It is so common with us all, We get so excited chatting with our beloved ones that we just cannot wait for their reply or answers. So we text them in spur of the moment. Generally it is said that when people are being watched, they behave better or different from when not being watched. This is more common with the boys as they try to impress any girl. They try to behave better so as to leave a positive impact on the viewer. People constantly compare themselves with their neighbours and their relatives. They are so jealous of their neighbors that they don’t feel satisfied and successful until they are superior than them.

We need to study human behaviour to understand how to live and sustain the human life and to know how to deal with people or beings that are not home to earth or act in a weird way. To be more faithful in mankind and to understand how some among us can destroy things so as to create it one should understand the concept of human behaviour. But the main thing is that you don’t need to study human behaviour to study human behaviour! That’s the beauty of it. Dealing with some daily life problems is the real thing that the study of human behavior teaches us, you don`t need to do a course for that all you have to do just think. Whenever you got angry over someone , first get yourself calm and take deep breathes and think about the reasons of anger and the behaviour of person that made you angry. In this process you studied about the futility of your anger, eventually you will lose your anger.

Leaders and politicians are great at analysing or understanding human behaviour. The way they frame their speeches to attract a mass audience goes to show the time they have given to analyse the people they are speaking before. Their speech changes with changing audience. Every aspiring speaker should first learn to analyze the audience and for that, study human behaviour first. There are innumerable personal benefits so you just need to clear your mind and think, and if we somehow figure out the balance between our intensions, actions and words, it would do wonders to our personality.

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