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Anxiety issues and the fear of being alone


Aug. 2, 2021, 12:51 p.m.

Loneliness is an extremely vicious cycle, and it is even worse if you are suffering from anxiety issues. Anxiety makes you feel worried, restless, and lonely all the time. It makes you doubt everything around you. It is advised by doctors not to stay alone in case you are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety can get suicidal. Your mind works differently when you are facing anxiety issues. 

How can you deal with anxiety issues when you are staying alone?


“Loneliness is a human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space. The best you can do is know yourself: know what you want.” – Janet Fitch 

Here are 5 ways to deal with loneliness if you face anxiety issues.

Talk to a professional- If you are alone and you have anxiety, you must seek professional help. Talking to someone who knows the condition in and out always helps in such cases. Avoid drawing conclusions on your own, because when your anxiety kicks in, you don’t think straight. You tend to start thinking in a negative direction. This will make your situation only worse. If you are alone in a room and on the verge of a panic attack, talk to your therapist or a psychiatrist. Vent it out to them. See what they advise you and follow them.

Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique- The 4-7-8 breathing technique is a very beneficial way of dealing with anxiety if you are alone and have nothing else to divert your mind. In this exercise, you have to inhale the air on the count of 4, then hold your breath till the count of  7 and exhale the air on the count of 8. This helps in synchronized breathing and provides instant relief from your anxiety. This breathing technique is very popular and is also prescribed by psychiatrists. Try this when you are alone and have anxiety issues. 

Call up a friend- If you are feeling too anxious and lonely, and have no one around you, call a close friend. Have a light conversation with them. Chit-chat with them over something that will divert your mind. Talk about your favorite celebrity or your most favorite TV show. Discuss what has been up in his/her life. Tell them about yours. Add someone and make it a conference call. Talking to your friends and family brightens up your mood and makes you happy. 

Listen to some music- The best remedy to get rid of anxiety is music. If you are alone in your room and you are feeling some type of way, listen to some good music. Listen to whichever kind of music you like. Soft and slow music helps in relaxing you and calms down your mind. If you want to listen to any different form of music, then just go for it. Put it on shuffle and let the music flow into your ears. 

Make writing a habit- Take a pen and put down on paper what you like. When you are alone and anxious, your mind is flooded with different kinds of thoughts. Writing is a very healthy practice. It is supereminent for your mental health. If you start maintaining a journal and pen down your thoughts in it every day, your anxiety slowly and gradually starts residing. You must make it a part of your daily routine and should also try to get habituated to this.

People suffering from anxiety try to isolate themselves as much as they can because according to them they don't want to be seen in their vulnerable state, and also, they feel like nobody would understand. Staying alone is not generally advised to anxiety patients, but in case they have no choice but to stay alone, there are certain things they can do to get rid of their anxiety. Anxiety episodes can be very traumatizing and a person with anxiety must know certain techniques that will make them calm when no one is around them. Being alone can be a huge cause of anxiety. If you are staying alone, there are chances that your anxiety will increase, and similarly, if you have high anxiety, there are chances that you will want to stay alone. All you need to do is get the hang of it so that you can deal with all kinds of situations bravely. 

When you are dealing with anxiety, you do not really have much control over your mind and its thoughts. You have to keep trying hard so that you do not succumb to your anxiety. If you stay alone, try having a good time on your own. If you start making the best out of your situation, you may start enjoying your company and then nothing would seem hard. Coping up with anxiety can be tough, but your main concern should be to take care of yourself and make the best out of your situation. 

What can I do to divert my mind when I have major anxiety issues, and I am staying alone? 


Watch a movie 

Listen to a podcast 

Try doing yoga 

Meditate for some time 

Practice deep breathing 

Talk to your parents 

Go out for a walk 

Spend some quality time with nature 

Read a book 

Cook something for yourself 

When you feel anxious about something, try to do something that will exhaust you. Go to the gym, complete some pending assignments, work out in a park or go for a run. By the time you reach home, you will realize that you are too exhausted to think about anything at all. You would just want to grab the couch and pass out. You will not be scared of staying alone anymore, or thinking that you have to deal with loneliness all by yourself. 

Calm yourself down and learn how to live with your situation. Make the best out of your life. 




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