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Toxic relationship with your partner and how to let go


Dec. 17, 2021, 9:28 a.m.

A healthy relationship will never drain you out. Everything will work out for both of you. The biggest sign of a toxic relationship is when you know it’s bad and it is draining out all your emotions and your energy but you can not seem to let go. You fall in love with your partner, you get hurt again and again but you still choose to stay. Love can be addictive and this addiction can be toxic. 

The signs of a toxic relationship: 

A toxic relationship looks nothing like a healthy relationship. It will give you warning signs.  It is up to you to recognize them and take the expected action. 

  • Toxic conversations- When conversations between the two of you are filled with negative sarcasm, criticism, disrespect, and hate, you need to realize that your relationship is becoming toxic. Instead of treating each other with love, respect and kindness you start ignoring and avoiding each other. 

  • Feeling of jealousy- A little jealousy when your partner talks to the opposite sex are healthy, but when this jealousy increases to the point where you start interfering too much in each other’s social lives, it becomes toxic. Jealousy from your partner’s success is a toxic trait too. You should never be jealous of someone you love. In fact, you should be happy if they are doing good in life. 

  • A controlling behavior- Controlling and dominating your partner way too much is a trait of toxicity in a relationship. If your partner does not give you any personal space at all or needs to know where you go or what you do all the time with evidence, you are going towards a toxic relationship. Too much questioning on not being able to pick up calls or immediately answer texts can be signs of a toxic relationship. Make sure this controlling behavior does not turn into abuse. 

  • Dishonest behavior- Lying to your partner about your whereabouts, and other small or big things is a huge sign of a toxic relationship. Dishonesty is not appreciated in a relationship. If you love somebody, you have to be completely honest with them. The need of being dishonest points towards a failed relationship. 

  • Disrespectful behavior- If you can’t respect your partner, there is no way that you love them. Constantly forgetting important dates and events, talking to your partner in a bad manner, behaving disrespectfully with them in public, or in front of their friends or your friends is absolutely unacceptable. If you are a part of this kind of relationship, it is a sign that you need to leave. If you don't respect each other you don't love each other. 

  • Strange financial behavior- Lending each other money in times of need, is a good sign. But if you notice constant lending of money from just one side and that too in small as well as huge amounts is an unusual thing to do in a relationship. 

  • Constant feeling of stress- A relationship is meant to keep you happy. Your partner should be your happiest place, and not the reason behind your constant stress. If you find yourself consistently on the edge, it means that something is off. A little bit of tension is a part of all relationships, but when this tension turns into an unnecessary headache for literally every minute of your life, it is time to walk away. 

  • Lack of care- If you can see that your partner is not caring for you at all when you need them, that means they have probably fallen out of love. If you have stopped taking care of yourself and stopped paying attention to your needs, it is a sign that you have lost hope in yourself too because of your relationship issues. 

  • Lack of support system- If you think you don’t have your partner’s back and you feel that they are unsupportive of your problems, it means you are entering a toxic phase in your relationship. When you start keeping your problems to yourself, because you know your partner will not react in the right way, you need to understand that it is time that you let go. If you cannot be with each other in the tough times, there is no use being together in the happy times. 

  • Losing other relationships- If you have stopped spending time with your family and friends, just to avoid conflict with your partner, it is time that you realize that your relationship is doing you no good. A good partner and a healthy relationship will never come in between your personal relationship with others. 

  • Extreme levels of frustration- If your relationship is doing nothing but just adding to your frustration, it is a warning sign. Instead of spending good and happy times together, you are frustrated with your partner and their behavior most of the time, your relationship has reached a dead end. 

How can you let go of your toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships can be emotionally exhausting and also isolate you from your beloved ones. It has a serious impact on your mental health which can take a toll on your physical health as well. You should know when to walk out of a toxic relationship. If you don’t do that on time, it can prove to be extremely abusive for you. It is a tough thing to do when you love someone and you know it's toxic, but the right step is always to let go. 

  • Stop blaming it all on yourself. 

  • Don’t let your past influence your judgment. 

  • Trust your intuition and your gut feeling. 

  • Walk out of the relationship the very moment you start feeling its toxicity. 

  • Don’t put your self-respect at stake. 

  • Believe in yourself that you will be able to get out of this and move on. 

  • Don’t let one relationship cloud your idea of love.

You fall in love sometimes and you fall out of love at times. A toxic relationship does not mean that you will not find love again or you don’t deserve to be loved. You are entitled to all the happiness in the world. 

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